The Sherman Family

Meet Bob and Candice and their adorable 8 children. They decided that they wanted to shoot in their cozy log home which made for some very comfortable exposures. One of their youngest children, Dustin, showed a great interest in cameras and reminded me much of my self when I was a child. He was glued to me the entire shoot, and he kept the questions coming, so of course I allowed him to tinker and shoot one of my backup cameras at the end of the shoot. I can still recall that giant smile and grin when I placed it in his hands 🙂

Here’s some of my favorite takes.

Sherman Family-2 Sherman Family-3 Sherman Family-4 Sherman Family-5 Sherman Family-6 Sherman Family-7 Sherman Family-8 Sherman Family-9 Sherman Family-10 Sherman Family-11 Sherman Family-12 Sherman Family-13 Sherman Family-14 Sherman Family-15 Sherman Family-16 Sherman Family-17 Sherman Family-18 Sherman Family-19 Sherman Family-20 Sherman Family