They call me a chameleon. I can blend into any dynamic.

Pleasure to meet you! I'm JT!

For a dozen years, I have been capturing the magic of weddings through my lens, and it has been an absolute joy. I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity to live life to the beat of my own drum, collaborating with clients whose stories inspire me to be a better person and fulfilling my soul with a career that brings immense satisfaction. Employing only top-of-the-line equipment, I prioritize quality above all else and am dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure that my clients receive an exceptional experience, from meticulous planning to final gallery delivery. I take pride in maintaining unwavering consistency in the quality of lighting, poses, and editing that I provide.

Our family

I cannot express the depth of my love for my family. They bring light and warmth to my life, filling my days with joy and laughter. Every moment spent with them is precious, and I cherish the memories we create together. They inspire me to be the best version of myself, and I am forever grateful for their unwavering love and support.